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Cretaceous microfossils as indicators of cooling episodes (Boreal and Peri-Tethyan Russia)

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posted on 13.11.2019, 12:39 by V. S. Vishnevskaya, L. F. Kopaevich
S3. Cenomanian palaeogeographic sketch. Distribution of the foraminifera and radiolaria in the EEP and in the Crimea–Caucasus area. White colour—land, area of denudation and erosian; blue colour—Cenomanian sedimentation area. Calcareous benthic foraminifera: 1—Lingulogavelinella formosa (Brotzen); 2—Gavelinella cenomanica (Brotzen). Planktonic foraminifera: 3—Whiteinella spp.; 4— Planoheterohelix reussi (Cushman); 5—Parathalmanninella globotruncanoides (Sigal). Radiolaria: 6—Pseudodictyomitra pseudomacrocephala (Squinabol).