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Cretaceous microfossils as indicators of cooling episodes (Boreal and Peri-Tethyan Russia)

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posted on 2019-11-13, 12:39 authored by V. S. Vishnevskaya, L. F. Kopaevich
S3. Cenomanian palaeogeographic sketch. Distribution of the foraminifera and radiolaria in the EEP and in the Crimea–Caucasus area. White colour—land, area of denudation and erosian; blue colour—Cenomanian sedimentation area. Calcareous benthic foraminifera: 1—Lingulogavelinella formosa (Brotzen); 2—Gavelinella cenomanica (Brotzen). Planktonic foraminifera: 3—Whiteinella spp.; 4— Planoheterohelix reussi (Cushman); 5—Parathalmanninella globotruncanoides (Sigal). Radiolaria: 6—Pseudodictyomitra pseudomacrocephala (Squinabol).