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zip file: Chapter 17: Examples of correlating, integrating and applying stratigraphy and stratigraphical methods

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posted on 2022-09-08, 08:33 authored by Matthew I. Wakefield, Mark W Hounslow, Rory N. Mortimore, Andrew J. Newell, Alastair Ruffell, Mark A. Woods

A *.zip file containing four files for Worked example 17.1 from the book Deciphering Earth’s History: the Practice of Stratigraphy, which demonstrate the application of sequence slotting with palaeontological data using the CPLSlot freeware. There are two input data text files (ending in extension *.txt) of the palynological data for the two successions to be correlated, a third file (extension *.sld), which can only be read by CPLSlot, that stores information about correlation and slotting models set up when using the software, while the fourth file, an Excel file (extension *.xlsx), contains the complete workings for Worked example 17.1, and the last processing step of finalizing a correlation model not show in the worked example in the book. 


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