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Volcanic volumes associated with the Kenya Rift: recognition and correction of preservation biases

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posted on 2016-06-21, 11:44 authored by A. L. Guth

New eruptive volume estimates have been calculated for the Kenyan segment of the East African Rift. Since the initial publications of volume estimates for the Kenyan Rift, numerous age dates have been obtained for the region allowing for temporal analysis of eruptive volumes. Additionally, more recent available datasets allow for the independent testing of map-derived volumes. Newly calculated volumes from available seismic data indicate a total volume of c. 310 000 km3, which is significantly more than map-derived volumes found here or published previously. It is suggested that the map-based estimates are likely affected by biases against recognizing small volume events in the older record. Such events have been, however, the main driver of erupted volume over the last 5 Ma. A simple ratio-adjustment technique was developed to counter these biases and results in convergence of the volume estimates from the two independent datasets examined.


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