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Three-dimensional analysis of the Plio-Pleistocene seismic sequences in the Venice Lagoon (Italy)

posted on 21.06.2016 by Luigi Tosi, Pietro Teatini, Giuliano Brancolini, Massimo Zecchin, Laura Carbognin, Alessandro Affatato, Luca Baradello

Integrated seismic and well data provide for the first time a picture of the geological evolution of the Venice area over the last 5 Ma and a 3D subsoil model, which is fundamental to prediction of the anthropogenic uplift of Venice by seawater injection. A Pliocene southward prograding complex formed a shelf–slope system, whereas subsidence related to the Apennine foredeep development led to the establishment of a Early Pleistocene deep-water environment, favouring the accumulation of a thick turbidite succession. The NE progradation of the palaeo-Po river delta during the Middle Pleistocene promoted a drastic environmental revolution, followed by the deposition of cyclothems linked to glacio-eustatic changes.