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The New Siberian Islands and evidence for the continuation of the Uralides, Arctic Russia

posted on 2016-06-21, 11:42 authored by Victoria L. Pease, Alexander B. Kuzmichev, Maria K. Danukalova

U–Pb detrital zircon results from New Siberian Islands sandstones illuminate the long-lived controversy regarding the continuation of the Uralian orogen into the Arctic region. A dominant age peak of c. 285 Ma from Permian sandstone requires proximal derivation from Taimyr’s Carboniferous–Permian granites, thought to reflect syn- to post-tectonic Uralian magmatism. The provenance of Devonian sandstone has Baltica affinities. The data record a dramatic change in provenance between Devonian and Permian time, from Baltica to a mixed Baltica + Uralian source. Our results confirm that the Uralian foreland basin extended from Taimyr to the New Siberian Islands.