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The New Siberian Islands and evidence for the continuation of the Uralides, Arctic Russia

posted on 21.06.2016 by Victoria L. Pease, Alexander B. Kuzmichev, Maria K. Danukalova

U–Pb detrital zircon results from New Siberian Islands sandstones illuminate the long-lived controversy regarding the continuation of the Uralian orogen into the Arctic region. A dominant age peak of c. 285 Ma from Permian sandstone requires proximal derivation from Taimyr’s Carboniferous–Permian granites, thought to reflect syn- to post-tectonic Uralian magmatism. The provenance of Devonian sandstone has Baltica affinities. The data record a dramatic change in provenance between Devonian and Permian time, from Baltica to a mixed Baltica + Uralian source. Our results confirm that the Uralian foreland basin extended from Taimyr to the New Siberian Islands.