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Table S1. Permian–Triassic felsic tuffs in South Island, New Zealand: significance for oceanic and active continental margin subduction

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posted on 2019-02-20, 12:13 authored by Alastair H.F. Robertson, Romesh Palamakumbura, Hamish Campbell
Semi-quantitative X-ray diffraction data for representative tuffaceous rocks studied during this work. Sample locations: NZ17.2 Murihiku Terrane, Taringatura Group, Roaring Bay, GPS 59G 04/07843 UTM48/55677. NZ17.12 Kaka Point Structural Belt, Willsher Group, Bates Point, GPS 59G 04/06459 UTM48/63384. NZ17.55 Maitai Group, Kiwi Burn Formation, Bare Peak area. NZ17.66 Brook Street Terrane, Fergus Formation, Hollyford area, GPS 59G 02/71875 UTM50/33507. NZ17.106 Murihiku Terrane, North Range Group, Gavenwood Tuff, Hokonui Hills, Ram Hill section, GPS 59G 02/98621 UTM49/23326. NZ17.108 same section, GPS 59G 02/98584 UTM49/23144. NZ17.117 Murihiku Terrane, Tanangitura Group, Bare Hill Tuff Zone, Hokonui Hills, Bare Hill section, GPS 59G 03/12453 UTM49/03472. NZ17.153 Brook Street Terrane, Grampian Formation, Grampian Reserve, Nelson city, GPS 59G 06/91107 UT54/26296. NZ17.155, same section, GPS 59G 06/91084 UTM54/26296. NZ17.186, Maitai Group, Kiwi Burn Formation, Richmond area, Pig valley quarry, GPS 59G 06/72051 UT54/08551. NZ17.192 Murihiku Terrane, Richmond Group, Stoke-Richmond area, new water tank on Eyles road, off the end of Champion road. GPS 59G 06/85009 UTM48/20053. OU 30296 Murihiku Terrane, Tanangatura Group, Bare Hill Tuff Zone (sample collected by Boles 1971).