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Table DR5. Weathering history and landscape evolution of Western Ghats (India) from 40Ar/39 Ar dating of supergene K–Mn oxides

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posted on 2019-11-06, 12:39 authored by A. Jean, A. Beauvais, D. Chardon, N. Arnaud, M. Jayananda, P.E. Mathe
Analytical results obtained for each irradiated and dated cryptomelane grains analysed using laser energy (in power %) of the spectrometer Argus VI.The concentrations (in molar volume, V) of 36Ar, 37Ar, 38Ar, 39Ar and 40Ar with their respective 1σ error are provided for each step heating. The amount of 40Ar* (%), of 39Ar released (% 39Ar) and the K/Ca ratio (derived from 39Ar/37Ar) are also given, and also the sample parameters and the irradiation constants. Finally, this table show ratios 40Ar*/39Ark used to determine the corresponding apparent ages with their associated 2σerror. The different J-Factor values are also provided for each irradiated grains.


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