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Table A. Near real-time management of spectral interferences with portable XRF spectrometers: Application to Sc quantification in nickeliferous laterite ores

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posted on 2021-07-14, 13:41 authored by Elodie Lacroix, Jean Cauzid, Yoram Teitler, Michel Cathelineau
Table A: Spectral characteristics (ROI ranges, Kα, Kβ spectral lines and escape peaks) for Ca, Sc, Ti, Mn and Fe analysis using pXRF, expressed in keV. The ROI ranges are obtained by the NDT Alpha software relative to pXRF (NitonTM XL3t GOLDD+ of ThermoFisher ScientificTM) with the ‘Soil’ mode using the ‘Low’ filter (20 kV and Cu target). EDS resolution is 130 eV based on the Kα spectral line of Mn. For this study, the critical spectral interference is coloured blue-grey (Ca interfering with Sc), while other spectral interferences are coloured light grey (Sc with Ti and Fe with Mn).