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Supplementary Table 6: C and O isotope ratios and carbonate content of bulk carbonate. Geochemistry of macrofossil, bulk rock, and secondary calcite in the Early Jurassic strata of the Llanbedr (Mochras Farm) drill core, Cardigan Bay Basin, Wales, UK

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posted on 2021-06-11, 10:44 authored by Clemens V. Ullmann, Dominika Szűcs, Mengjie Jiang, Alexander J.L. Hudson, Stephen P. Hesselbo
Supplementary Table 6: Bulk carbonate carbon and oxygen isotope ratio, and carbonate content measurements for samples from the Mochras core. SSK (Subsample Keyworth) number identifies sample taken from interval bag. Registered specimen numbers identify bulk samples extracted from rock specimens containing registered fossils. Possible depth range is given in foot and inch and listed depth computed as the average of minimum and maximum possible depth for each sample.