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Supplementary Material 2. Glaciomarine sequence stratigraphy in the Mississippian Río Blanco Basin, Argentina, southwestern Gondwana. Basin analysis and palaeoclimatic implications for the Late Paleozoic Ice Age during the Tournaisian.

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posted on 2020-06-08, 08:12 authored by Miguel Ezpeleta, Juan José Rustán, Diego Balseiro, Federico Miguel Dávila, Juan Andrés Dahlquist, Norberto Emilio Vaccari, Andrea Fabiana Sterren, Cyrille Prestianni, Gabriela Adriana Cisterna, Miguel Basei
Supplementary Material 2: Paleocurrents and conglomerate compositions of Cerro Tres Cóndores in different outcrops of the region (see Fig. 1 for location).