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S3: One Tree Reef Foraminifera: a relic of the pre-colonial Great Barrier Reef

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posted on 2022-09-29, 10:19 authored by Yvette Bauder, Briony Mamo, Glenn A. Brock, Matthew A. Kosnik
R code. dataImport.R reads in the raw data files and creates the combined dataset used for these analyses (including FSIcategories-Genus.csv, this file is called from analyses.R). plotPreferences.R contains specific plotting functions and sets graphical parameters such as the colours used in the plots (this file is called from analyses.R). analyses.R performs the bulk of the analyses for the paper. textStats.R contains the code of the remainder of the analyses (primarily numerical results mentioned in the text; this file assumes that analyses.R has already run). plot-Sed&Lead.R contains the code used to create Figure 2.


Australian research council (FT0990983) to MK; Macquarie University scholarship and Linnean Society of NSW Betty Mayne Scientific Research Fund for Earth Sciences to YB