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S1: One Tree Reef Foraminifera: a relic of the pre-colonial Great Barrier Reef

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posted on 2022-09-29, 10:19 authored by Yvette Bauder, Briony Mamo, Glenn A. Brock, Matthew A. Kosnik
Foraminifera and sample data. Mamo_Lagoon_Forams.csv contains Foraminifera abundance data for surface grab samples (Mamo 2016). Mamo_Water_depth.csv contains site location and water depth data for the Mamo collection sites. OTR_Core_Forams.csv contains the Foraminifera abundance data for the OTR core. The columns have the layer depth in cm and the fraction size in um. OTR_Core_pb210_CIC_Ages.csv contains the Pb-210 dating results used for this paper, originally published in Kosnik et al. (2015). All_sed_results.csv contains sediment grain size analyses used for Figure 2, originally published in Kosnik et al. (2015).


Australian research council (FT0990983) to MK; Macquarie University scholarship and Linnean Society of NSW Betty Mayne Scientific Research Fund for Earth Sciences to YB