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S1: Diversity of supergene gold expressions and implications for gold targeting in an equatorial regolith (AMG’s Couriège exploration prospect, French Guiana)

posted on 2021-06-21, 11:25 authored by Vincent Combes, Yoram Teitler, Aurélien Eglinger, Anne-Sylvie Andre-Mayer, Arnauld Heuret, Anthony Pochon, Michel Cathelineau, Pierre Gibert
Supplementary tables showing major and trace element compositions of samples collected along the vertical P1 profile at Achman Giraud, Gold grade analyses for each sample from Achman Giraud and Lupe sites, EPMA analyses of Ag and Au for all gold types sampled at Achman Giraud and Lupe and Trace element compositions of panned free gold grains (LA-ICPMS) and corresponding EPMA analyses of Ag at the same spot


Auplata Mining Group