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S1: Active volcanoes in Marie Byrd Land

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posted on 2021-04-06, 10:28 authored by N.W. Dunbar, N.A. Iverson, J.L. Smellie, W.C. McIntosh, M.J. Zimmerer, P.R. Kyle
Detailed locations, descriptions and geochemistry of Mount Waesche englacial tephra layers, along with selected other samples, and description of Mount Waesche field campaigns.


National Science Foundation, grant NSF-OPP-9725910 to WCM; grants NSF-OPP-9814428, NSF-OPP-9615167, NSF-OPP-0230348, NSF-ANT-1142115 to NWD; grant NSF-ANT-1745015 to MJZ