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Provenance and age constraints of the South Stack Group, Anglesey, UK: U–Pb SIMS detrital zircon data.

posted on 21.06.2016 by ALANS. COLLINS, CRAIG BUCHAN

U–Th–Pb Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) data from detrital zircons extracted from the South Stack Group, Anglesey, UK, indicate that: (1) the maximum depositional age of the Holyhead Formation (South Stack Group, Monian Supergroup) is 501 ± 10 Ma; (2) the Monian Supergroup was deposited between c. 500 and 475 Ma and is part of the Cambrian–Lower Ordovician succession found in southern Britain and Ireland; (3) Avalonia was a major sediment source (age maxima at 543–552 and 604–627 Ma); (4) Amazonia probably also provided zircons (common Neoarchaean–Mesoproterozoic grains) weakening suggestions that Avalonia had rifted off Gondwana by Cambrian times.