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Petrographic and diagenetic investigation of the distal Triassic ‘Budleighensis’ fluvial system in the Solway and Carlisle Basins for potential CO2 storage

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posted on 2022-03-21, 10:38 authored by J.R. Marsh, S.J. Jones, N.S. Meadows, J.G. Gluyas
Appendix 1: Outline of data utilised in this study, including source (primary and secondary data), data type, collection methodology and number of samples. Appendix 2: A modal set of petrographic point-counting data of Ormskirk and top St Bees Sandstones from Well 110/2-6 in the EISB from a larger dataset. Appendix 3: Petrographic point-counting data of Ormskirk Sandstone from well 112/19-1 in the Solway Basin. Appendix 4: Isotopic analysis results for both ASF and KSF (onshore) primary samples. Appendix 5: Fluid inclusion microthermometric data for ASF and KSF (onshore) primary samples. Appendix 6: Permeability and porosity data for Solway Basin Wells 112/15-1 and 112/19-1.