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Origin and significance of intra-basement seismic reflections offshore western Norway

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posted on 2016-06-21, 11:29 authored by Matthew T. Reeve, Rebecca E. Bell, Christopher A.-L. Jackson

We use 3D seismic data to image a series of enigmatic, SW-dipping reflection packets within pre-Mesozoic crystalline basement offshore western Norway. Based on their low-angle dip and complex reflection wave-train our preferred interpretation is that the reflection packets are the seismic expression of mylonitic zones generated by nappe emplacement during the Caledonian orogeny. Late Jurassic faults truncate and offset these reflection packets by several hundred metres, suggesting that these faults did not exploit pre-existing basement weaknesses. Our observations suggest that older basement fabrics may not always play a significant role in determining the geometry of later fault systems.


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