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Middle Eocene to early Oligocene magnetostratigraphy of ODP Hole 711A (Leg 115), western equatorial Indian Ocean

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posted on 2016-06-21, 11:15 authored by Jairo F. Savian, Luigi Jovane, Steven M. Bohaty, Paul A. Wilson

Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 711, located in the western equatorial Indian Ocean near the Seychelles Archipelago on Madingley Rise, is an important site for studying middle Eocene to early Oligocene climatic evolution. This site is ideal for studying the impact of Neo-Tethyan gateway closure on Indian Ocean currents and circulation to further understand global climate changes through the greenhouse to icehouse transition. Middle Eocene-to-lower Oligocene strata recovered within Hole 711A (Cores 711A-14X to 21X) primarily consist of clay-bearing nannofossil oozes/chalks, with layers rich in radiolarians. Here, we report a high-resolution magnetostratigraphic record and a new integrated age model for the middle Eocene-to-lower Oligocene section of Hole 711A. Correlation of the polarity pattern to the geomagnetic polarity timescale provides a record from Chron C19r (middle Eocene) to C12r (early Oligocene). Our results extend the existing polarity record down into the middle Eocene and confirm published results from the lower Oligocene section of the hole. Overall, these new results from Hole 711A have important implications for identifying and dating global climate change events, and for reconstructing calcite compensation depth history at this site.