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Geochronological constraints on the evolution of the southern Dom Feliciano Belt (Uruguay)

posted on 2016-06-21, 12:18 authored by Pedro Oyhantçabal, Siegfried Siegesmund, Klaus Wemmer, Sergey Presnyakov, Paul Layer

New U–Pb sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe, K–Ar and Ar–Ar data from the southernmost Dom Feliciano Belt allow the identification of four major events. Orthogneisses from the Punta del Este Terrane indicate a magmatic episode at c. 770 Ma and high-grade metamorphism at 641 ± 17 Ma. Granitoid emplacement at 627 ± 23 Ma was roughly coeval with peak metamorphism. Volcaniclastic rocks of the Las Ventanas Formation dated at 573 ± 11 Ma can be correlated with the peripheral foreland basin (571 ± 8 Ma). Transpression and coeval high-K calc-alkaline magmatism is recorded in the Maldonado granite dated at 564 ± 7 Ma. The following events are postulated: (1) magmatism at 850–750 Ma related to rifting; (2) metamorphism and granite emplacement at 650–600 Ma; (3) molasse sequences and foreland basins at c. 573 Ma; (4) late magmatism at 580–560 Ma associated with transpression. The data indicate that (1) the Punta del Este Terrane could be a portion of the Coastal Terrane of the Kaoko Belt, (2) granitoid emplacement at 650–600 Ma in the Punta del Este and Nico Pérez terranes favours westward subduction, and (3) widespread post-collisional synkinematic magmatism occurred in the Dom Feliciano and Kaoko belts between 580 and 550 Ma.