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First results from the CROP-11 deep seismic profile, central Apennines, Italy: evidence of mid-crustal folding

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posted on 2016-06-21, 12:04 authored by A. Billi, M.M. Tiberti, G.P. Cavinato, D. Cosentino, E. Di Luzio, J.V.A. Keller, C. Kluth, L. Orlando, M. Parotto, A. Praturlon, M. Romanelli, F. Storti, N. Wardell

The CROP-11 deep seismic profile across the central Apennines, Italy, reveals a previously unknown, mid-crustal antiform here interpreted as a fault-bend fold-like structure. The seismic facies and gravity signature suggest that this structure consists of low-grade metamorphic rocks. Geomorphological, stratigraphic and tectonic evidence in the overlying shallow thrusts suggests that this structure developed in early to mid-Messinian time and grew out of sequence in late Messinian–Pliocene time. The out-of-sequence growth may reflect a taper subcriticality stage of the Apenninic thrust wedge, which induced renewed contraction in the rear.