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Electronic database of historical natural stones of the Czech Republic: structuring field and laboratory data

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posted on 2016-06-21, 12:21 authored by Hana Kampfová, Richard Přikryl

The structure of the electronic database of natural stones used in the Czech Republic (named Deka) has been completed. The system is based on MySQL, and is comprised of the following crucial items: general data, data regarding the geographic location and status of the quarry; petrographic description, associated mineralogical data and chemical analyses; technical data covering physical and mechanical properties as well as sculptural workability; parameters about the deposit (quarry); and data describing historical exploitation and utilization. Along with the structure of the database, other practical problems such as access to the database, insertions, corrections, erasing a record or reference, etc. are discussed. The database is designed for geologists, historians and restorers resolving problems of a stone's provenance from monuments, architects involved in the selection of promising stone types for new projects and for educational purposes to geologists, restorers, etc.

Appendix 1: A description of the eight types of data used in the dimension store database is provided at