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Dataset S1. The grandest of them all: the Lomagundi–Jatuli Event and Earth’s oxygenation

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posted on 2021-06-17, 11:21 authored by A.R. Prave, K. Kirsimäe, A. Lepland, A.E. Fallick, T. Kreitsmann, Yu.E. Deines, A.E. Romashkin, D.V. Rychanchik, P.V. Medvedev, M. Moussavou, K. Bakakas, M.S.W. Hodgskiss
Dataset for δ13Ccarb values from 3.0–1.0 Ga and for Permian–Recent deposits. This file contains two worksheets. Worksheet 1 consists of published δ13Ccarb data spanning 3.0¬–1.0 Ga compiled from Refs. 80 and 81 and from publications that postdate those workers’ compilations (listed in Table S1). In compiling the updated dataset for 3.0–1.0 Ga, we excluded carbonate rocks associated with banded-iron formation and those from features of clear diagenetic origin (e.g. cements, concretions). Worksheet 2 contains published δ13Ccarb values compiled for marine and evaporite settings of Permian–Triassic, Messinian and Recent settings (sources listed in Table S2).