The use of chemostratigraphy to refine ambiguous sequence stratigraphic correlations in marine mudrocks. An example from the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, USA

2016-03-02T12:24:35Z (GMT) by B.W. Turner J.A. Tréanton R.M. Slatt
Online Supplemental Figure 2: The chemofacies profile for the Hunton Anticline Quarry–Outcrop D. Hierarchical clustering analysis subdivided the geochemical profiles into seven distinct chemofacies. The sample resolution for this chemofacies profile is 1 foot (30cm). This profile is generally similar to the profile collected for Hunton Anticline Quarry–Outcrop B. There is a 23ft (7m) shift between these two outcrops, with outcrop D being stratigraphically lower. At the base of this section, there are several alternating zones of chemofacies that are rich in bottom water anoxia proxies and zones indicating a higher degree of circulation.