Exploration statistics of North Sea plays in UK–Norway–Denmark

2020-05-28T11:32:26Z (GMT) by David G. Quirk Stuart G. Archer
Table summarizing all the statistical parameters for part plays analysed in the paper. NO, Norway; DK, Denmark; Lwr, Lower; L, Lower; Upp, Upper; U, Upper; Carbf, Carboniferous; Sst, sandstone; ESP, East Shetland Platform; C, Central; C&S, Central and South; OMF, Outer Moray Firth; WoS, West of Shetland; H, High; Platf, Platform; CoSg, historical chance of geological success (technical discovery rate); CoSc, historical chance of commercial success (number of fields discovered per number of exploration wells drilled); URR, ultimate recoverable resource; disc’d, discovered; No., number; Avg., average. Other abbreviations in the second column are clarified in later columns.