Effect of diagenetic recrystallization on the strength of planktonic foraminifer tests under compression

<p>We present the results of experiments to measure the brittle failure of fossil planktonic foraminifer tests under compression. We compare two upper Eocene species of contrasting morphology, <em>Cribrohantkenina inflata</em> (Howe, 1928) and <em>Turborotalia cerroazulensis</em> (Cole, 1928) in both well-preserved material from the Kilwa Group of Tanzania and recrystallized material from ODP Site 865, central Pacific Ocean. Well-preserved tests were several times stronger than recrystallized tests. <em>Turborotalia cerroazulensis</em> was stronger than <em>C. inflata</em> in both the well-preserved and recrystallized material. </p>